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  • Rules for Viewers

    • Don't be a dick. (Which basically means: Don't offend other people. If you see your joke pissed them off, don't be an asshole.)
    • No advertising competitive sites.
    • Keep arguments out of chat.
    • Don't impersonate other viewers/streamers by changing your name.
    • Don't talk in all caps all the time.
    • No spamming.
    • No baiting.

    Rules for Streamers

    • Listen to the mods.
    If they want to talk to you about your stream (or anything else, for that matter), give you some tips or some constructive feedback it's a good idea to keep whatever they say in mind for your next stream

    • Don’t use a webcam*
    We don’t usually do facecams. We think they add little to the stream and are mostly distracting for the viewers. We’re here for the game, not to see someone’s face.
    *If you do think a game would be more entertaining if you use a webcam, ask permission from a moderator or admin.

    • Don’t stream a leaked game before the release date
    Seriously, this could get us in trouble, just don’t.
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