Streamer Guidelines

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Streamer Guidelines

Post by ReRonin » Sun Sep 15, 2013 10:34 am

Trial Streamers
So your application has been accepted and now you’re a Trial streamer.
During this month your streams will be evaluated by the viewers and the moderators/admins to see how good you are. All general guidelines apply to you, as well as some extra
  • During this month you must stream at least 7 times
  • Any streams cut/asked to be ended by an admin are not counted towards your total stream.
  • During your trial period, you will have to stream one game from the game request list.
After this month, we will either accept or decline you, depending on the quality of your streams.

Trial streamers and Full Streamers

  • Keep the chat involved.
We're a streaming site, not a collection of let's plays. People come here to watch someone play live, and they love to be part of the stream.
  • Bump the threads!
Use this to bump the threads. Get the image bumper and with google images grab the game images and help bump. Cooperate is one of the essentials when it comes to streaming. If you bump others thread, they will bump yours.
  • Focus on the stream.
When you're going live with a game, focus on that. No one is interested in what's going on in your living room, or who's calling you on skype. Of course, when you have to take a drink, or go to the bathroom, take a very short break. We’re all humans here.
  • Choose your games right.
Some games are gold streaming material, and some shouldn't be touched by most streamers. Find a game that suits you, that interests you, that you can talk about, and that's sure to keep others entertained too. Most people don't want to see yet another playthrough of Super Mario Land 3 though
  • Entertain the viewers
Whenever you go live, you are all that the website has to offer. Whatever you do on the site, you do for SaveStateHeroes. You want to try your best to entertain the viewers. Make your stream worth their while, be it with jokes, a real suspenseful game, or anything else you’re good at.
  • Be prepared
Make sure that everything is set up properly before you go live. This includes (but is not limited to):
Setting up your broadcasting program to only show the game window, getting the chat window up, pressing the “Go live” button and making (or asking) for a thread.

  • Don't be silent.
But don't jabber about everything either. It's good to talk a lot, about the game, about the viewers. Don't force it though. People will know if it's all forced.
  • Don’t bring unnecessary things into your stream.
You can bring a co-host into your stream, but if you’re having a skype call with someone during the stream, make sure he is either watching the game or preferably even playing with you.

  • Don’t stream for very short periods of time
When you stream, make the stream AT LEAST 30 minutes long. While there is no set limit as to how long a stream can be, you should give other people a chance to stream too.

  • What not to stream.
1. Mainstream games
As mentioned before, games that every other site streams have no place here. No more OoT or anything. If you’re not sure if a game is mainstream, ask a mod.
2. MMO’s
It’s near impossible to make an MMO interesting to watch. So no LoL, WoW or any other streams of that kind.
3. JRPG or FPS*
Most JRPG’s have lots of random encounters which make them hard to stream. And FPS’s get repetitive really fast. But of course, this isn’t the case for all these games so if you want to stream a game of this genre, ask a moderator.
4. Diablo-Like-Games (Dungeon Crawlers)
While a dungeon crawl game might be fun to play, it's not fun to watch at all. it's hard to make entertaining in general, so unless you think you're up to the task, avoid these games too.