Patch Notes

Mon Sep 16, 2013 12:38 pm

  • -10/10/13
    *Fez emoticons have been added
    *dickbutt flag reworked

    *Only the Elite can whisper RaptorTurkey

    *Added /duane command
    *Added memearrow flag

    *Removed /novideo restrictions

    *Added two flags "nocaps" and "allcaps"

    *BBcode style bar added
    *Input box style changed
    *No more text-box outlines
    *Style fix for /novideo
    *Faster updates
    *Fixed an issue with schedule
    *Dog button added

    *New command
    *New update system
    *New /dog command
    *Strike-through bbcode is now available in chat

    *Avatars now expand when you hover your mouse over them

    *Added a couple of new flags
    *Mods and Officers can now be added to "bumper" group - for avatar purposes

    *added new command
    *gave gary-senpai his custom badge

    *changed page sound
    *removed page delay (trial)
    *fixed /whois & /who commands
    *badges are now smaller
    *added new command

    *added sasuxnaru flag
    *changed mute back to "muted x for x"
    *changed live sound - fixed now?
    *officers are now marked in chat with a badge
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