Making and bumping threads.

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Making and bumping threads.

Post by ReRonin » Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:46 am

Getting the stuff you need:
Get ST4 Image dumper here:
Get the image downloader here:
or here: ... loader.rar
You don't have to get a 4chan pass, but I highly reccomend it, as it makes bumping the thread a lot easier.

Making the thread:
1) Have one person make a thread with the box art of the game as the picture
1a) Make sure you have a "hook" in the first part of the post relating to the streamer and/ or the game. Don't just tell them to get in here, make them interested.
2) Open the ST4 Image dumper and then select the folder and put in the url of the thread
3) Press start on the image dumper, and navigate to the "Post" tab. Start inputting captchas.
4) Keep inputting captchas until thread 404's
5) Note that when you make the thread, our URL is INSTABANNED. Use this instead:


Notes/ tips:
Getting a 4chan pass is highly recommended, as you don't have to input captchas. Just enter your info into the dumper and go.
4chan only bans the OP of the thread if the thread gets deleted
Use a smartphone on 4G to make the thread. 4G IPs are dynamic! If you get it banned, turn your phone on and off
Make SURE you have your wifi turned off when you post threads, so it uses the 4G's IP address
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