Doom RPG setup and installation FAQ

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Doom RPG setup and installation FAQ

Post by Ogrest » Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:08 pm

Ogrest's big fat guide to running Doom RPG using his preprepared folder

1. what the fucking fuck is doom rpg?!

Doom RPG is a mod for Doom that adds a levelling system, randomized events, tough as nails bossfights, and roguelike elements to Doom

2.How the fuck do I get this snazzy piece of modding excellence?!

go here the password for the archive is but don't go there it's full of fags

3.What the hell do I do with this goddamn piece of shit?!

Run the launcher, then You'll need to set up your folders first then launch the game This is important, the set directories at default are just examples to help you find the appropriate folders, chances are it will fail the first time but DO NOT PANIC LIKE A LITTLE BITCH, everything will be fine, you simply need to head over to your mods/patches tab on the provided launcher (this won't show up til you have your folders properly set and launched once, if you don't see the mods, then refresh or try checking to see if your folders are properly assigned) and tick the doom 1 compatibility patch, DoomRL Arsenal, and DoomRL Arsenal monster packs under patches, and DOOM.wad DOOM2.wad, DOOMRLarsenal1.05.wad, Doomrlarsenal HUD, and DoomRL arsenal monsters under the wads/pk3 section, any pk3 should work with it but as always user beware, as for wads loading any of them that are not strictly map packs will probably break your install until you disable it again (sorry brutal doom you know I love you bb pls come back I didn't mean it)

4.How do I port my character over from one wad to the next?

Open the options menu and select doomrpg options then scroll down to the player menu, it has a function that allows you to save your character's abilities, stats, and inventory so long as you're in the UAC base

5.Well yeah that's all good and cool but how the fuck do I get to the UAC base?

In the skills menu (accessible using the key you can set in the options menu for keyboard configuration) look for a double sided verticle arrow with a guy in it, this is the transport skill, it will take you to and from the UAC base for shopping, restoring health, dicking around, the item roulette minigame, and the arena.

6.How do I play in multiplayer using the launcher?

After setting up your launcher you'll want to forward your ports if you're going to host, non hosting players do not need to port forward The default port is 5029, after that just pass around your ip address like a filthy whore to your players, tick multiplayer on the tab, select host or join depending, set the number of players you want if you're hosting or set the IP address to the host if not, and then everyone clicks launch

7.My shit's fucking slow as dicks

This is due to how ZDoom's actor logic works and is handled. Doom RPG is an extremely intensive mod and needs to process upwards of 5 scripts per enemy. This can take a lot of CPU power to do and may cause lag on older machines but shouldn't happen often unless you're running something stupidly overpopulated like nuts.wad.

8.How do I doom good?

rip and tear my friend cheats aren't working what the fuck happened

they don't, they've been disabled for the sake of game balance, you can however reenable them but it's a secret to everyone

10.I need more details Ogrest give me the details holy shit OGREST I NEED MORE INFORMATION THAN IS IN THIS GUIDE JESUS FUCKING CHRIST

whoa calm the fuck down bitch, anything I haven't covered here should be covered on the wiki for it, google is your friend.
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Re: Doom RPG setup and installation FAQ

Post by SilentNinja » Sun Jan 31, 2016 7:12 pm

I'm 12 and what is this?
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